ANIX Stainless Steel 3-Way Ball Valve 1000# NPT Threaded with Direct Mount Pad

  • L/T Port 3-Way Ball Valve
  • • Size: 1/4" to 2" for both L Port & T Port
  • Features
  • • SS316 Body & Trim
  • • Reduced Port
  • • SS316 Ball, PTFE or RPTFE Seat
  • • Lockable Handle
  • • Flange Connection According to ASME B16.5
  • • Lockable Handle
  • • Blow-Out-Proof Stem Design
  • • Working Pressure of 1000 PSI
  • • Suitable for Water, Oil, or Gas Medium Application
  • • Working Pressure of 150 LB or 300 LB
  • • Suitable for Water, Oil, or Gas Medium Application
  • • Design Fully Complies with ASME B16.34
  • • Tested and Inspected in Accordance with API 598
ANIX Part Number: BVH14R6N/1000 Series

3-Way Ball Valve 1000 WOG

Download SS316 3-Way Ball Valve 1000WOG (Low Mounted) Product Literature

Download 3-Way L Port Ball Valve BV14F6N/1000 (PTFE ver.) Data Sheet

Download 3-Way L Port Ball Valve BV14R6N/1000 (R-PTFE ver.) Data Sheet

Download 3-Way T Port Ball Valve BV15F6N/1000 (PTFE ver.) Data Sheet

Download 3-Way T Port Ball Valve BV15R6N/1000 (R-PTFE ver.) Data Sheet



Product Description

The ANIX 3-way ball valve with threaded ends, manufactured and distributed by ANIX Valve USA, is made of high-quality Stainless Steel CF8M. The flow plans include T-Port (Mixer valve) and L-Port (Diverter valve) configurations

The 3-way ball valve is available in T-Port and L-Port designs, completing the range of NPT threaded reduced port stainless steel three-way ball valves. The T-Port (Mixing valve) allows flow in all three ports or in two ports only, while the L-Port (Diverter valve) allows flow in two directions in an L pattern. This specialized stainless steel ball valve is necessary for directing flow in three lines. Diverter and directional valves are common names for three-way L-Port stainless steel ball valves because this configuration is typically used to divert or change the direction of gas or fluids through one of two separate outlets or ports.

Manual reduced port three-way stainless steel L-Port ball valves, used as directional valves, are usually installed with the bottom port acting as the flow entry port of the valve body. T-Port stainless steel three-way ball valves, also referred to as mixing valves, are used to combine or mix fluids from two different ports. These valves are generally installed with the bottom port acting as the flow entry port of the full port valve body to mix or combine the fluids.

In general, three-way stainless steel L-Port or T-Port ball valves are described based on how the ball valve directs the flow of fluids (oil, gas, water, and petroleum). Depending on the setup of the three-way stainless steel ball valve and how the valve ball is drilled, oil and gas flow can be either mixed (Mixing valve) or diverted (Diverter valve). The three-way ball valve can be completely shut off, or the flow can be blocked in one direction. Three-way stainless steel ball valves can eliminate the need for an extra ball valve and save space.

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